Why QR Codes?

At LA LA LEAF we believe in maintaining full transparency with our valued customers, which is why we’ve added QR codes to the back of all of our packaging. Simply scan the code to see an independently verified third-party lab report that confirms each product is free from harmful metals, chemicals and anything you can’t pronounce. Each product is also tested to ensure that it has the advertised amount of CBD while being THC Free* *THC free measured down to 100 parts per million

How Does It Work?

1.- Scan the QR code on the back of your product using your smartphone. No scanner? No problem. There are tons of free ones available in your preferred app store for you to download.

2.-Scroll down to your report

3.- Select your product.

4.- You can now view your report which will show you the amount of CBD in the product. The report will also confirm that your product is free from harmful chemicals, metals, and THC*

*THC free measured down to 100 parts per million

Hemp Source- Alpha Batch

The Hemp used for our Alpha Production Batch was sourced from a farm in Larimer County, Colorado. The farm uses organic and sustainable farming practices. They also use a subterranean drip irrigation system which only uses a fraction of the water of traditional pivot or flood type systems. The strain of hemp used to make our Alpha Batch is called Spectrum.  It comes from a clone only stock and takes about 90 days to reach maturity. This hemp plant is considered to have one of the highest concentration of CBD at 22%. Click below to see full lab report. 

Farm Location: Larimer County, Colorado 

Strain- Spectrum 

Guayaquil - Lab Results

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Formula 1513 - Lab Results

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Tru Athlete- Lab Results

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LA LA LIPS - Lab Results

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