Hemp Body Lotion

Guaya-what? This lotion is named after the sun-drenched city in Ecuador and is perfect post-sun or anytime your skin needs rejuvenating.

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Key Ingredients

Hemp Extract

Treat dryness and inflamation

Rose Water

Maintains ph balance

White Willow

Exfoliant and astringent

Aloe vera

Hydrates and locks in nutrients

Hemp Seed

Treats inflammation and redness

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Our Promise

LA LA LEAF's Products are formulated with all-natural ingredients and are 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Gluten Free. At LA LA LEAF we belive in maintaining full transparency with our valued customers, which is why we've added QR codes to the back of all of our packing . Simply scan the code to see an independently verified third-party lab report that confirm each product is free from harmful metals, chemicals and anything you can't pronounce.

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Relief for dry skin

Great for Sensitive

This all-Natural Hemp Lotion is formulated with 10 Botanicals that deliver hydration to every cell. This Hemp Lotion is great for dry, itchy, or sensitive skin.

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At LA LA LEAF we have a verified third-party lab report that confirms each product is free from harmful metals, chemicals and anything you can’t pronounce. We want you to know what's in your products so you can feel good about your purchase.

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Say goodbye to dry skin   


Our expert formulator and Molecular Biologist made sure our Hemp Lotion would work great for those trouble areas that need a little extra attention and hydration like elbows, heels, and severe dry hands.

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clean skincare Movement 

Plant based no chemicals needed

LA LA LEAF’s products are formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients and are Paraben-Free | Phthalate Free| Gluten-Free.

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Never Tested on Animals   

All LA LA LEAF products are Cruelty-Free and are never tested on animals. We want to protect our furry friends so we use them for hugs never in the lab. We formulate our products with plant based 100% Vegan ingredients.

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Easily absorbs into skin!

Easily absorbs into skin and feels great so far two weeks into using!


Loving in!

Since IÕve been using Guayaquil Lotion the change is seen on my skin, especially my hands, elbows and heels. Loving it!!!!!!!


The items are amazing!

The items are amazing! Fast absorbance and smells great! Quickly rejuvenates dry skins! Can't have enough of it!