Why do some tinted lip products dry out your lips so much?

Lipstick can't solve all problems, but it's a pretty good start! But what if your old trusted lipstick or lip gloss was causing problems? We've all been plagued by questions like: does lip tint make your lips dry? Why do lip products dry my lips? And why do some lip balms make my lips more chapped? It's time to take a closer look at all your lip care products, including lipsticks, lip glosses, and even seemingly harmless tinted lip balms to find the real culprit!

We all have our trusted lipstick to transform us from plain Janes to glamorous divas! Tinted lip products come in a wide range of shades, formulations, color payoffs, and prices. Let's delve deeper into why some lip products leave our lips feeling dry.

The Formulation

It's common knowledge that not all lip formulas are the same. Some lip care products have stood the test of time and can be considered super nourishing, while many others fall short and often leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. Continuous use of lip stains and matte lipsticks can dry out your lips due to their formulation. These products are waxier in nature and contain fewer oils, resulting in richer color payoff but less hydration.

  • Cream-Based: These are a great choice if you have dry lips. They are rich in moisturizing ingredients that make your lips soft and plump. Some cream-based lipsticks also contain vitamins and antioxidants, ensuring your pout stays hydrated and full, regardless of the weather.
  • Gloss: Lip glosses are a must-have if you want a high-fashion, shiny, wet look. Many brands offer tinted lip glosses as well. When infused with the right ingredients, like powerful actives, they can make your lips feel silky smooth with a glossy sheen. Be cautious, as ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, and salicylic acid can seriously dry out your lips.
  • Stain: It's ironic that stains have a watery texture but can end up drying out your lips. Make an informed decision and choose a lip stain with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E or glycerin to maintain high hydration levels. 

PRO TIP: Always apply a thin layer of lip balm after applying lip stain to prevent flaky lips.

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  • Matte: We all love matte lipsticks, but the harsh truth is that they can be drying due to a lack of oil in the formula. Opt for matte lipsticks containing olive oil, Vitamin A or E, and essential fatty acids to ensure soft and nourished lips.

Misleading Ingredients

Lip balm ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid may sound hydrating, but they are, in fact, humectants and can draw moisture from your lips, making them dry. Over time, this increased transepidermal water loss can lead to chapped lips. 

Lip balms are supposed to moisturize and nourish your lips, but some tinted lip balms contain menthol, phenol, salicylic acid, and alcohol that can do the exact opposite. While most lip balms might feel good on the lips, a cycle of over-drying and overuse leads to dry lips. Most petroleum-based balms only provide a superficial layer of moisture and act as an occlusive layer that sits on your lips, rather than actually adding hydration. Invest in a lip balm with natural ingredients like CBD, fruit oil, yellow beeswax, and Candelilla wax to keep your lips nourished and supple.

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In conclusion, read the fine print and select a lip balm that nourishes your lips, rather than one that dries them out.