How To Choose The Best Lip Balm for Winter Months

We all know the perils of dry and chapped lips. Not only are they highly unsightly, they can also cause a great deal of discomfort or pain. It is safe to assume that a lip balm can be found in everyone's bags, whether they are the biggest makeup savants or the minimalists! It's a safe bet to say that lip balms are essentially a personal care product and tinted lip balms are just a must have! 

But have we actually stumbled upon the best lip balm for dry lips?

The market is bursting at its seams with choice, and we have more to choose from than ever before. It is easy to get overwhelmed with so many options..                            

Read more to know how to choose the best moisturizing lip balm in the market.            

Dry Lips and Their Causes

Various factors that cause dry lips are environmental conditions, dehydration, genetic predisposition and even certain medications. Regardless of the cause, treating chapped lips begins with restoring moisture and preventing further dryness. Standard lip balms often provide temporary relief, but we recommend something extra to keep dry lips at bay! 

How To Choose The Best Lip Balm for Winter Months

Tinted lip balms are indeed a crowd-pleaser and totally deserve their cult following. Regular use of lipsticks can further dry your lips out. It makes their chapped appearance even more obvious. Long- stay and dark shades of matte finish lipsticks even lead to darkening of lips. Extreme weather conditions be it cold or hot seeps the moisture out of your lips.  All this can be treated with just a swipe of good quality tinted lip balms.Tinted lip balms help your lips look smooth and hydrated while adding the color you desire. Tinted lip balms are now available in many shades and you can explore all the shades available on our website. 

In recent years, CBD lip balm has gained popularity as the best treatment for dry lips. Packed with natural ingredients and the potential benefits of CBD, these lip balms offer a soothing and revitalizing experience.

Nourishing Ingredients in CBD Lip Balms

The ingredients of CBD lip balms are highly curated and are a prized blend of natural ingredients formulated to nourish and protect the lips. These balms typically contain moisturizing agents like Beeswax which is an anti-inflammatory that heals and protects the lips. It is also high in vitamin A. Rich Candelilla Wax is plant-based wax and moistirozes lips without making them sticky. Additional oils such as Avocado Fruit Oil promotes skin rejuvenation and evens tone. Combined with the potential properties of CBD, these ingredients work in perfect harmony to combat dryness and enhance the overall health of your lips.

How to Use CBD Lip Balm

Simply apply on your lips and get 12 hours of moisture with one application. Select tinted lip balm according to your mood and outfit of the day and you are good to go!

Remember to reapply as necessary, especially after eating or drinking. The regular use of CBD lip balm can help maintain soft, supple lips and prevent future dryness.

CBD lip balm offers a natural and effective solution for dry, chapped lips. Treat your lips with the best chapstick for dry lips and have some fun with tints along the way!

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