Balm Vs. Gloss: What Do Your Lips Need This Summer?

Summer has arrived! With temperatures soaring, the risk of dry, chapped lips escalates. Amidst the array of lip care options available, navigating between lip balm and lip gloss can be difficult, especially when each offers unique qualities tailored to different needs and occasions. It is easy to be confused about what to include in your lip care routine when you are spoiled with so many choices.

Talking about lip care staples makes the lip balm vs lip gloss debate inevitable. While both serve distinct purposes, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and your lip care needs. Let’s quickly understand the key differences between these two essentials:

1. Composition and Purpose: Hydrate Vs. Enhance:

While lip balm is primarily designed to moisturize and protect the lips, lip gloss adds shine and occasionally tints to enhance their appearance. Finding a hydrating lip gloss could be more difficult due to its lighter consistency and lack of hydrating ingredients. However, a lip balm can provide both. With nourishing components like CBD, yellow beeswax, avocado fruit oil, and candelilla wax, this lip balm helps your lips to stay hydrated locking in moisture while delivering a tinted, lasting effect.

2. Effects: Protect Vs Shine:

Lip balms have ingredients that work together to form a barrier on the lips, preventing moisture loss and nourishing the delicate skin on dry, chapped lips, especially in harsh weather conditions or dry climates.

Lip glosses can instantly elevate the look of the lips, making them appear fuller and shiny. However, they usually do not offer sun protection or hydration unless specifically formulated with SPF or nourishing ingredients.

SPF should be a non-negotiable feature in your lip care routine. La La Lips SPF 15 not only shields your lips from the sun but its rich, creamy texture glides effortlessly onto the lips, providing instant relief and long-lasting hydration.

3. Longevity and Usage:

We usually reapply balms throughout the day when lips feel dry or chapped or as a base before applying another product. Lip gloss is applied mainly to enhance the appearance of the lips.

In terms of longevity, though, the lip balm vs. lip gloss battle has a clear winner. Lip balms typically last longer on the lips, and La La Lips provides the added benefit of sheer tint and protection.

4. Color Options and Finish: Matte Vs Luscious:

Lip balms, depending on the formula, leave a subtle sheen or matte finish on the lips. They are typically available in clear or sheer tinted options.

Lip gloss provides a high-shine, glossy finish that reflects light and makes the lips appear fuller. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, from sheer and translucent to opaque and highly pigmented.

So, who wins the lip balm vs lip gloss faceoff?

A summer beauty routine allows space for both, but if you ask us, we’d pick the La La Lips lip balm for everyday hydration and sun protection. Even when you're in the mood for a touch of shine, the La La Leaf tinted lip balms offer a natural-looking elegance that's hard to resist. Whichever you choose, make SPF lip products your best friend this summer for healthy, happy lips all season long.