Are Tinted Lip Balms Better Than Lipsticks?

“Lipsticks can’t solve all the problems, but it’s a pretty great start.” Read that before? What if we tell you that lipstick might solve a problem or two but can create many more!! Read more as we weigh in on the long standing debate of tinted lip balm vs lipstick

Red Lips.. Nude Lips.. Glossy Lips..Fuller Lips.. Bold Lips…and the list goes on and on! Lips are undeniably the most attractive feature of your face. Your lips can also reveal a lot about your personality. There is a wide range of options to enhance one’s natural beauty, and one of the most popular choices for enhancing the lips is lipstick. However, in recent years, tinted lip balms have gained significant popularity and have become a front- runner giving lipsticks a run for their money. There is a lot of hoopla about whether tinted lip balms or tinted chapsticks are a better alternative.

What Are Tinted Lip Balms?

Tinted lip balms are a hybrid between makeup and lip care. The commonality between a lipstick and a colored lip balm is that both contain pigments which gives it the particular color. The difference lies in the ingredients, the pigmentation, feel and texture and the stay.

Why To Ditch The Lipstick?

Are Tinted Lip Balms Better Than Lipsticks?

It might be an unpopular opinion but it’s high time we ditched the lipstick. Lipsticks are basically go-to-makeup products designed to enhance your lips by adding color. There are so many types of lipsticks and the color range will make your head spin, but depending on factors like texture and pigment, lipsticks can seriously dry out the skin on and around the lips, especially the matte finish ones. The more sensible option is to apply a hydrating tinted lip balm instead. Makeup artists around the globe are also using nourishing lip balm as a base before applying the lipstick. It is known to prevent your lips from drying out and the cherry on the top is that it helps the lipstick to last longer on the lips! 

Since lipstick is in direct contact with the lips, the potential long-term risks cannot be denied. According to a recent study, makeup users swallow 20-50mg of lip product (gloss, lipstick, lip balm) every day!

Even the best quality lipsticks contain natural or synthetic pigments that have chemical preservatives like phenoxyethanol, BHA or BHT. These are added to prevent build up of bacteria and to stop the lipstick from oxidizing. iT also increases the shelf-life of the lipstick. However, the cons definitely outweigh the pros as BHA and BHT are known endocrine disruptors.

The paraffin wax that is used to lend lipstick a sheen are shown to be carcinogenic, and can hamper fertility if ingested on a regular basis.

Resident ingredients of lipsticks such as heavy metals( lead, manganese, chromium or aluminum) can precipitate infertility, nervous system disorder, liver disorders and more..

Why Tinted Lip Balms Are Better?

The skin tissue of lips is thinner, more delicate, more sensitive than skin of face and body. Lips do not have sebaceous and sweat glands. When exposed to cold, wind, and sun, problems like dry and chapped lips arise. Using a moisturizing tinted lip balm can keep your lips soft and supple irrespective of the weather. Tinted lip balms not only keeps your lips hydrated, it keeps them plump, smooth, and with a tint of color! It is highly recommended for dry and chapped lips. 

Moisture and Hydration

We all have applied lipsticks that have left our lips dry and feeling heavy. Tinted lip balms are formulated with hydrating ingredients such as Beeswax, Candelilla wax and fruit oils which keep the lips soft, supple, and moisturized throughout the day. Best tinted lip balm is just a click away!

Subtle and Natural Look

Natural looks are a rage these days and people are swaying towards a sun kissed natural look rather than an intense and dramatic look. Tinted lip balms give a subtle and natural look. It's a  great option for everyday wear, casual occasions, or days you just don’t want to do makeup. Get a healthy and refreshed look with a single swipe!  

Ease of Application and Versatility

Tinted lip balms are extremely user-friendly. They do not require precision and can be easily applied even without a mirror! The balmy texture glides effortlessly on the lips, and can also double as a blush! 


Tinted lip balms often come with added benefits such as SPF protection, shielding your lips from harmful UV rays. Lipsticks generally lack this protective element. 

Longevity and Color Payoff

Lipsticks are the clear winners when it comes to longevity and color payoff. Lipsticks have a stronger pigment concentration which makes it bolder and more vibrant. It also stays way longer than lip balm.


In the debate between tinted lip balms vs lipsticks, the answer ultimately depends on personal preferences and needs. While tinted lip balms offer more moisture, are easy to apply and also have sun protection. They are definitely perfect for everyday wear and casual occasions. Lipsticks, owing to their long-lasting color payoff and a wider range of shades and finishes are better picks for special events or when you want a bold and glamorous look.

Remember, beauty is subjective, and what matters most is finding products that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.