La La Leaf is Lovely CBD Skincare

        Discover the cannabidiol Skincare Phenomenon: LA LA LEAF Unveils Formula 1513 Antioxidant Cream, the Game-Changer for 2019. Packed with a potent 750 MG cannabidiol concentration and 20 botanicals, this powerhouse cream erases skin damage and promotes healing. Experience the Unnatural Smoothness: Attendees at a  Fundraising Dinner are Left in Awe as LA LA LEAF's Formula 1513 Transforms Skin to an Ultra-Soft Texture. Embrace the Power of Natural and Vegan Skincare.




     LA LA LEAF is a NYC-based lifestyle brand and uses high-potency cannabidiol to “super-charge” the skin’s natural healing process. The Formula 1513 cream is designed to enhance our body’s endocannabinoid system to increase oil production in the pores which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In my case, it did all that, but didn’t clog my pores. 


           A transformation takes place after every application. My skin looks like I use a chemically infused cream because it is so powerful, but the products have undergone extensive testing and include a QR code that verifies the CBD quantity and that the cream is free of chemicals, metals and THC (an intoxicating compound that naturally occurs in cannabis but is separated from cannabidiol). LA LA LEAF also offers Tru Athlete Sports Gel, Guayaquil Hemp Lotion and La La Lips Balm in addition to the Formula 1513 Cream, online at

             LA LA LEAF is a welcome addition to all the CBD health and beauty products available now!


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